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     If you believe it takes a village to raise a child you are in good hands at Growing Tree.  They cater to my every whim from diet to clothing.  They are always available whenever i need a consult regarding how best to handle kid behavior.  There is always something fun going on, visits from music teachers, the zoo and water play in the summer.  My kids have thrived and we are so glad to be a part of the Growing Tree family. Can't wait for the Holiday Show!

Allison Pottage


    When you drop off your child you want to know that they will be cared for with great respect, love and understanding.  You want a place that will give your child the skills necessary to grow, learn and play and afford you the comfort to know that at the end of the day you will be greeted by a happy well-rounded loving little soul.  At Growing Tree, we experienced this wholeheartedly.  You are part of a family...a family that has parties, barbeques, great activities and an amazing Holiday Play that all of the children participate in.  We are so grateful for the wonderful caring staff and love the Growing Tree".     

Joan, Michael and Olivia Weissman



     My wife and I are both full time working parents who need to feel comfortable with where our daughter, Olivia, spends her days.  For the last 2 years not only have we been given the level of comfort that we need to perform our jobs but, Miss Vicky and her team have provided an environment that has Olivia waking up each morning, entering our room and asking "am i going to school today?". On the days we say yes, Olivia says "yay!". We feel that the approach that Miss Vicky and her team take has helped us to raise an unbelievably well-rounded little girl.  Olivia has displayed excellent progress in social skills, verbal skills, manners, numbers, arts and crafts and many other areas that you hope for your child to show advancement in.  Recently Olivia was speaking to me and twice I had to ask her to stop mumbling,  On the third try, when I listened closer, I realized that she was not mumbling at all; she was counting for me in Spanish! Silly me and kudos to Olivia and Growing Tree!  We are expecting a little boy in December and we rest easy knowing that when it is time for Mommy to go back to work, Growing Tree will be taking care of our new arrival...Quite honestly, we could not imagine it any other way!!

Christian DiGennaro



     My two children have been at Growing Tree for over five years. During this time, we have always experienced a warm and nurturing environment.They have a structured schedule with a good balance of physical activity, stimulating instruction and quiet time.  The staff is excellent! They are enthusiastic, flexible and consistent. There is also plenty of fun Every year my children look forward to the Teddy Bear Picnic, holiday themed parties, holiday shows and the family picnic. In the winter they play in the snow and there is water play in the summer. My children are always excited to go to school and have made many friends there. Most importantly, I know they are well cared for while I am at work, which is such a gift!

   Lauren Campe